Moon Mna Dairy 2021

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The 2021 Moon Mná Diary-Journal offers the precious gift of personal sacred time to reflect, just like Grandmother Moon. The word ‘mná’ means ‘women’ in Irish Gaelic, the beautiful native language of Ireland and is pronounced ‘meh-naw’.

Whatever stage of life you are at, taking the nightly journey these pages offer will help create strong empowering foundations as a woman. It is our dream that you will use this as an act of loving yourself which will flow out into all aspects of your epic life.

The 2021 Diary-Journal is A5 format, wire-bound and displays 2 days per page. The cover features a Matisse inspired illustration with women and the Moon phases.

The Diary-Journal is richly illustrated throughout and this year's theme celebrates the 'Full Moon' names. There is so much to read each month, there is space to journal and record your 'soul moment' each evening and this year we have included a daily/yearly Moontime tracker, so if you feel a strong connection to the Moon then this Diary-Journal is perfect for you.

A great gift for yourself, sister, mother, friend or girlfriend!