Red Crystal Incense

Pure & Simple Holistic


Red Crystal Traditional Tibetan handcrafted Incense. 
This herbal Incense is carefully compounded from 25 herbal and medicinal ingredients brought from their native environment from the high Himalayan Mountain Range, Solu Khumbu, Jumla, Humla, Mustang, Tibet down to the jungles and plains of Nepal.

This is Tibetan Herbal incense so would be best suited to those who understand handcrafted medicinal incense. 
This has been imported direct from Tibet and is the larger 24 cm pack.

These full-length herbal incense sticks are formulated to increase the effectiveness of meditation practices and for purifying and calming the environment.
Handmade by the Tibetan monks of Drikung Kagyu Monastery in India,

When burnt, this superior incense blend produces a strong woody, spicy and sweet aroma with a tinge of sage and a long lingering scent which will keep a room freshly scented for hours.

25-30 Sticks per Pack

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